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5 Things You Have to Consider When Adopting After Having Children

There are a number of things that come to mind when you think of kindness and goodness – sticking by a friend through hard times, giving up your seat on the bus for a stranger, or even picking up a special treat that your mother loves on your way home. Adopting a child is the clearest manifestation of these aspects. When you adopt a child, you’re taking them away from hardship and a lifetime of strife so that they can have a chance to lead a better life. Many people are turned off from the idea of adopting once they have their own children, which is understandable when you look at it from a financial and familial standpoint. However, this doesn’t have to be the case, as raising an adopted child along with your biological one can help both children to grow up with a more accepting mindset.


If you’re looking to adopt even if you already have children, here are five considerations that you should keep in mind to ensure that you can raise both in the best environment possible:



The most important thing that you have to consider is the attitude that your children hold towards adoption. It’s difficult to say how they will feel about having someone new in the house that can take the attention away from them, as each child sees the situation differently. Therefore, it’s essential to involve them in the decision so that you can help them understand it. For example, if you’re looking to adopt an orphan who is a refugee from a war-torn country, you will have to educate your children on why it’s important to be kind to other people. If they refuse to listen and throw a tantrum about having siblings, you may want to give them some time and talk to them again once they calm down.

The opinions of your children matter when it comes to living with another person. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too hasty with your decisions. It’s still an excellent opportunity for both you and your children to grow together as individuals while uplifting the lives of those in need. You should let your children speak their minds so that you can come to a better understanding before making such a significant decision.



Another thing you should consider is the age gap between your children. While adopting a child who is a few years older or younger than your children may not be inherently a bad thing, it’s easier for children to adapt to each other if they are of a similar age range. Therefore, the general rule of thumb is that you should keep the age difference under three to four years to ensure that they can still enjoy the same things. When you adopt a five-year-old child while your children are around twelve and fourteen, you have to prepare yourself for some issues as they adjust to one another due to the age gap.



When you’re looking to adopt a child, you have to be prepared to take on the difficulties that come with the decision. Sometimes, they may refuse to sleep alone as they may have been through trauma. They may prefer to share a bedroom with you or your children. Again, you will have to talk to the whole family to figure out what the best solution may be. Some families solve this problem by getting a bunk bed for the two children to share, while others may add a small bed to the master bedroom for a time until the adopted child can sleep on their own. You will need to keep your options open so that you can reach a solution to this issue that works for everyone.



It’s crucial when you’re looking to adopt a child that you are compassionate and understanding of their history and past experiences. You want to make sure that you can provide the adopted child with everything they need to grow up strong and healthy, so it’s crucial to learn as much as you can about the child before you decide to adopt them. This will ensure that you can give them the best life possible, which should always be the ultimate goal for any adoption.



If you have children, you know that it takes a lot of time, energy, and money before they become independent. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are in the best condition to adopt a child, both in terms of financial availability and physical health. If you are struggling with life yourself, you may want to put off on adopting until you have your own situation under control.

After you have sorted out these concerns, you are ready to adopt a child! If you need help with your decision to adopt, Fund Your Adoption is the best place for any type of adoption-related consultation. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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